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The Toivonians

Residents of the Kingdom of Toivonen, a fiefdom in southeastern Taleth ruled by King Torsten vas Kjenelach.


The Yesenians

Residents of the Kingdom of Sovereign Yesenia, an autocracy in southwestern Taleth ruled by King Prosper ház Zorander.


The Noordfolke

The native inhabitants of the Northern Territories (sometimes called the Northern Barrens or the Northern Wilds) in northwest Taleth; includes the territories of Andrahar, Elsveta, Thaís, and Stólich.


The Skjarlish

The native inhabitants of the coastal and island nation of Skjarl.


The Lunarii

The native inhabitants of the agrarian nation of Lunaris in central Taleth.


The Caíasídhe

A tribe of elvenfolk possessing the most powerful magic, originating from the Isle of Aeyrith.


The Elderfolk

The old gods of Aeyrith; progenitors of the Caíasídhe.


The R’homish

A tribe of elvenfolk that makes up the primary population of the Isle of Rowarch, off the east coast of Taleth in the Timberfall Sea. Members of the infamous Doshen Order are selected from with the R’homish people.

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