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Chaos Rising - The Black Blade Chronicles 3

An M/M Fantasy Romance

Chaos Rising - The Black Blade Chronicles 3

The exciting conclusion of the Black Blade Chronicles…

Senne and Kasimir continue their journey across the continent to save Senne’s ward, Princess Sigrid, from her captor, the tyrant King Prosper. The king has kidnapped Sigrid to fulfill an ancient prophecy that will install himself as the overlord of the entire realm. The rescue party meets setbacks and battle dangers at every turn on their way to the Isle of Aeyrith, the fabled birthplace of the elves.

The knight and the sellsword find themselves relying on one another more than they ever thought they could, until they can’t imagine carrying on without the other. But when old and unforgiven treacheries rise up to test their resolve, they must stand together to save Sigrid and prevent the collapse of the world as they know it.

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Emily Hernandez
via Goodreads

"A pair of unlikely allies, a world-changing prophecy, and a thrilling, high-stakes chase? How could I not fall in love with a story so captivating!"

Juniper Greer-Ashe
via Goodreads

"If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted fantasy world filled with magic, magical creatures, monsters, and ordinary humans (some the worst monsters of the lot) then this book is a good fit for you. There are prophecies. Intrigues. Conspiracies. Conundrums. Chemistry."

Janet Hunt
via Goodreads

"This story was epic! Full of rich complex characters, a quest, magic, monsters and human alike. Kasimir and Senne have amazing chemistry!"

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