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Beasts of Burden - The Black Blade Chronicles 2

An M/M Fantasy Romance

Beasts of Burden - The Black Blade Chronicles 2

The journey continues…

Senne Clayward and Kasimir vas Hjardar continue their quest to rescue Senne’s young ward, Princess Sigrid, from the evil tyrant who has taken her hostage. After they follow through with a mad plan to sneak into King Prosper’s fortress that only halfway succeeds, the princess slips through their fingers once more. As they travel across the continent of Taleth, they are one step behind their quarry at every turn.

Encountering numerous obstacles and enemies both old and new, Senne and Kasimir doggedly pursue their goal while coming to rely on each other more than ever. The two unlikely companions enlist the help of a small band of adventurers to track the princess and intercept her captors while the armies of Toivonen march westward behind them.

Kasimir continues to grapple with the beast on his back—a lifelong struggle—while Senne must bare his soul to earn the trust of those around him. Can they survive the journey? Will they save Sigrid in time to keep her from harm and prevent the realm from plunging into eternal darkness? And what will be left for them after the dust settles?

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Emily Hernandez
via Goodreads

"A pair of unlikely allies, a world-changing prophecy, and a thrilling, high-stakes chase? How could I not fall in love with a story so captivating!"

Juniper Greer-Ashe
via Goodreads

"If you’re looking for a beautifully crafted fantasy world filled with magic, magical creatures, monsters, and ordinary humans (some the worst monsters of the lot) then this book is a good fit for you. There are prophecies. Intrigues. Conspiracies. Conundrums. Chemistry."

Janet Hunt
via Goodreads

"This story was epic! Full of rich complex characters, a quest, magic, monsters and human alike. Kasimir and Senne have amazing chemistry!"

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