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My Quarantine Brainchild

Hey folks! It’s finally here…my first new release in two years. It’s been too long, but I haven’t been spending my quarantine time only playing videogames and bingeing Schitt’s Creek. When the world changed seemingly overnight and I found myself raising an 8 year old and a 5 year old in the middle of a global pandemic, all of the WIPs I’d been working on suddenly no longer held any appeal. They were from the Before Times. (Don’t worry, I’ll get back to them eventually!)

So for the last year and a half, I’ve thrown all my energy and spare brainpower into writing my own epic fantasy. It turned out that totally immersing myself in research, lore, and world-building was a pretty decent way of staying sane in lockdown. But I couldn’t be sure my mindset would stay where it was at, and I didn’t want to pull a GRRM—leaving readers hanging if I couldn’t finish the series. To keep from doing that, I attempted to write this new series straight through across its three-book arc. I’m still actively working on the third installment, but I know what is going to happen so it’s as good as done.

What about this new series, you say? Have you ever been sitting around watching/reading Game of Thrones, or LOTR, or the Witcher and thought to yourself, “This is great but I wish there was more queer representation…” or “fantasy would be so much better with a romance arc…”? Yeah, me too. (Geralt + Jaskier 4 eva!) I wanted to create a series with a similar feel as those great series, but with romance…and way more queer. While the primary romance is m/m (gay + pansexual), the series has lesbian, non-binary, trans, and ace representation. It’s fantasy for US.

Now for the part that might piss a few of you off…

The endings of the first two books will be “to be continued.” However, these are soft endings rather than complete cliffhangers, and the main couple WILL have an HEA ending at the end of the three book arc. Like I said earlier, 2.5 out of 3 books are already written and I’m plugging away at

the second half of the last one. I won’t leave y’all hanging, I promise!

Now for the fun stuff…

I’m sharing a few bonus materials on this post. There are character sketches for Senne and Kasimir (with more coming later!) plus the world map for the series. Look for my official book tour with Gay Book Promotions starting next Tuesday the 5th, the official release day the following Tuesday, the 12th, and Wicked Lovely is available for preorder now!

If anyone will be at GRL, come on over and say hi!



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